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About Us

About Kimberly Dallas

I started in the skin care industry over 25 years ago in search of what "beauty" really meant. My journey has brought me to many conclusions but the most important one is simple; Beauty aligns with confidence. So I aligned myself with products and services that meet both ethical and financial expectations. It is important to genuinely believe in the products you sell and the company, its values, and the people that represent the brand. This is why All of the product lines that we offer online and at the spa are in line with our concept of wellness. I want every client I meet, leaves with a new found love of well made, effective products and confidence in themselves, because that is beauty.

About Sean Michael Imler

Sean Michael Imler

Sean Michael Imler is a published author, ICF certified personal coach, clinical hypnotherapist, energy healer, teacher/trainer, minister, musician and sound healer.  He has been studying meditation, astrology, esoteric thought, psychology and personal growth, health, shamanism, and healing with sound for over 30 years.  His practice, Blue Bear Healing - has been helping people with mental and physical health challenges, coaching, spiritual counseling, and teaching since 2012, on the heels of a successful career in the tech industry.  He is devoted to helping humanity heal its relationship with the planet and supporting Native communities in keeping their spiritual practices alive.  

Sean began teaching Living a Sacred Life in 2015; a course in meditation, spirit contact and reimagining the mind.  It combines Sean's varied interests in the principles of shamanism, spirit contact, native medicine, meditation, Buddhism, psychology, and science.  The online course can be taken at the student’s pace at, and the book is available on Amazon.

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Our Spa Services

Onyx Skin+ Body has cared for its clients, new and dedicated since 2011. The spa is complete with personalized treatments dedicated to specific ailments and skin needs, an immersive and peaceful environment and approachable wellness offerings. We encourage you to come by for a day of wellness and relaxation whether that includes a deep cleaning and toning Hydrafacial® or a brow clean up. Onyx provides a number of services to complete a well rounded wellness plan.